Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hey all! Well, I finally got the voices recorded for the commercial. Okay, I still need to redo the voices for One-Eyed Clyde, but I was too excited not to share it. I'm really lucky to be working in the animation industry because I have access to some very talented and generous folks. The voice cast is as follows: The ever talented, voice virtuoso Tom Kenny (of Sponge-Bob fame et al) generously donated his time and talent in playing Captain Bloop and One-Eyed Clyde as well as the Announcer and sung the male parts for the Jingle. James Arnold Taylor, the voice of Johnny Test, donated his voice talents to Billy. The super talented Aliki Theofilopoulos(...yes) stepped in to play the voice of Suzie as well as singing the female parts of the Jingle. Finally the part of Wienerdog was played by yours truly. I can't thank these wonderful people enough for being a part of my film. So, just click the title of this post and enjoy the commercial!


P.S. Next up: Storyboards!!!