Monday, June 19, 2006


Hey all. I wanted to post that I reached a milestone with the animatic. So far I have had 500 downloads for the commercial. To me, that's pretty good. But at the same time it points out that I haven't made much progress since the turn of the year and here we are at the end of June. Shame shame.

There is something happening now that I hope to post about in the near future regarding the production of this thing. Hopefully I will be posting some good news soon!

Until then, I will be posting some color models of the characters as well as holding a CONTEST! I know there a lot of artists checking in here so please check back soon to read all the details!

Thanks again to everyone who keep checking in on my progress! It's neat to see all the hits I get from across the globe from the nifty little hit counter on the right. I recommend downloading one. It really boosts the ego. Ha.

Until next time!