Wednesday, October 12, 2005


If you've read the script (or even if you haven't) there is an animated cereal commercial at the beginning introducing BLOOP'S Cereal. (That's the brand that the main character eats). Im thinking that this entire short will cost around $40,000 to make and that's including pulling favors. My thought is to produce the animated cereal commercial now in hopes that its completion will help convince potential investors that I am serious about making this film. This is where the favor pulling comes in. It will probably be done in flash. So, hopefully the next few posts will be dedicated to the process of making this commercial including designs, color, storyboards and (if I can figure it out) audio clips. When it is done I will have a link to the final commercial for your viewing pleasure. I am a big fan of the early Jay Ward Studios Cap'n Crunch commercials so that is the style I am trying to ape. Here are the initial designs, done by me and my talented friend, Clayton Morrow. Some of you may recognize his name.

This is Captain Bloop. The mascot of Bloop's Cereal

Here is Bloop's "crew". Billy, Suzie and Wienerdog.

This is the Villain of the commercial: One-Eyed Clyde

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